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CharityWall - 1 DICEMBRE 2019

Questo è un progetto di esempio usato da Charity Wall per mostrare le proprie funzionalità

Creation of an ERC-20 token managed by a smart-contract released on the Ethereum BlockChain which aims to become an exchange asset that can be used through a marketplace created on the platform. a tool that, through the blockchain, certifies the use of donations and allows donors to constantly monitor, comment and verify the development of each specific social project and allows fundraising in total transparency. CWCoin (CWC): Token structured with the aim of being a utility token that symbolizes a basic unit of measurement that gives a unique value for the exchange of goods and services (hours of work, merchandise) between the stakeholders of the CW Market place. Charity Marketplace: platform created on the website with the aim of connecting stakeholders who need to exchange goods and services with the use of the CWCoin.


Alessandro Giuntoni


In questa sezione sono presenti tutte le donazioni ricevute dal progetto e tracciate in BlockChain.


Per poter donare è necessario essere registrati e loggati sul portale di Charity Wall.
Le donazioni sono effettuate attraverso la piattaforma di pagamento UPHOLD che permette l'utilizzo di 27 monete nazionali FIAT e 30 Crypto. Per essere abilitati a donare è obbligatorio creare un account su UPHOLD e validarlo inserendo tutte le informazioni e i documenti richiesti. Una volta abilitato l’utente dovrai versare nel tuo account la somma che vuoi donare tramite CHARITY WALL utilizzando le varie modalità messe a disposizione da UPHOLD. Per maggiori informazioni visita



Dona in BITCOIN ed ETHEREUM supportanto CHARITY WALL nella sua missione di rivoluzionare il mondo delle donazioni.

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  • #FightTogheter #Pandemic #ClimateChange #Inequity with #CharityPay by #CharityWall through 30 different types of #cryptocurrency and 27 national currencies. Direct donation through your website or your partners website thanks to our widget.

  • These have been difficult months, but we want to start this week with optimism and remember a very beautiful and important moment for us. Here is a shot of the presentation of Charity Wall at Blockland solutions, from 9 to 11 December 2019 in Cleveland. It was a great honor for us being one of the 20 candidates chosen out among 1600 in one of the most prestigious world blockchain conferences.

  • To guarantee a reduction in the costs of the tariffs and the maximum reliability of your donations, in addition to #Ethereum, we are able to use and notarize information and documents through the #blockchain of VeChain Tech 🚀